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Annik Lavigne MScS(A) and
Tanya McDonald MScS(A) are both
certified professional audiologists.
They each hold a Masters degree
from the University of Ottawa.

Annik Lavigne has worked in several audiology clinics gathering experience for 11 years before opening her own clinic.

Solutions auditives Annik Hearing Solutions has provided the region of Prescott and Russell high quality hearing health solutions since 2013. The clinic's focus is based on core principles that remain the heart of the organization:
• Integrity
• Dedication
• Dignity

Solutions auditives Annik Hearing Solutions has realized that facing any measure of hearing loss, acknowledging it, and ultimately seeking treatment has never been easy for anyone. It is with dutiful individual attention that Solutions auditives Annik Hearing Solutions takes the proper steps into examining not only the root cause, but also taking into consideration the personal challenges to all conditions of hearing health for each individual.

We have two locations to serve you better:
Casselman – besides Daniel's No Frills
Rockland – accross from Grenon Independent

Solutions auditives Annik Hearing Solutions offer attentive individual care and personal service that is matched only by its state-of-the-art hearing technology.

Recognized for its leadership in forging enduring relationships with the world’s most innovative hearing instrument manufacturers, Solutions auditives Annik Hearing Solutions is often handpicked for the examination and introduction of the most advanced hearing instruments available on the market today.

Solutions auditives Annik Hearing Solutions knows that hearing health care is more than dispensing hearing instruments. It’s grounded in responsibility, trust, with an “ear” trained on listening and understanding the client’s particular issues, and identifying the right solution for them.

Each part of the ear plays an important role in supplying the brain with sound information. Hearing loss is the result of damage to one or multiple parts of the outer, middle or inner ear. Hearing loss should always be diagnosed by a professional, such as an audiologist. Solutions auditives Hearing Solutions will test hearing in order to diagnosed the type and severity of the loss. An audiogram, which illustrates the findings, is then prepared by Solutions auditives Annik Hearing Solutions and presented and explained to the client.
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