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History and Values

Annik Hearing Solutions was established in 2013 in Casselman, where our high quality service was met with enthusiasm. The Rockland location followed later that year, filling the community’s need for the same high standard of care.

Annik Lavigne achieved her vision of clinics where:

  • Integrity is primordial
  • All clinicians are registered with the College that ensures the highest qualifications in hearing healthcare
  • Patients are given the time to explain all their needs, and their wishes are respected
  • Clients and staff feel comfortable and valued in a friendly and dynamic setting
  • The most up to date, cutting-edge hearing technology is offered

We guarantee the best customer service and satisfaction for all our patients.

Better Than a Big-Box Store

When it comes to hearing devices, you are not just purchasing an electronic device. You are purchasing the expertise that will yield the best outcome for you.

Big Box Stores
  • Focus on Retail
  • Draws you in the store to entice you to purchase other unrelated products
  • Attracts with the lowest price, not necessarily the best solution
  • Uses proprietary brands and models that lock you in with them, even if you are not satisfied
  • Travel required
Annik Hearing Solutions
  • Focus on your hearing health
  • Passionate about healthcare; Genuine calling to help others improve their quality of life
  • Attracts with established patient satisfaction, devoted to the best hearing outcome
  • Independent Clinic (not owned by a hearing aid manufacturer); Freedom to provide the best brand for your specific needs.
  • Local solution

Ideally, your ears and hearing devices would work perfectly forever. The reality however, is that you will need annual hearing tests, checks for wax build-up, or earaches.  We will see you promptly in our clinic, unlike Big Box stores.

Hearing devices require routine maintenance and adjustments. We provide these services at no charge, with no time limits, so you will never hesitate about fixing any issue.

Supporting local businesses also benefits our entire thriving community!

All Rights Reserved ©2022 Annik Hearing Solutions

All Rights Reserved ©2022 Annik Hearing Solutions