Funding & Financing

Part of our work as audiologists is to help you access the funding to which you are entitled. After your free hearing evaluation, we will explain the funding avenues you may qualify for and we will help you access such funding.

Here are a few common sources:

ADP - Assistive Devices Program

The Ontario Ministry of Health has a subsidy towards hearing devices of 500$ per ear, available every 5 years.  All Ontarians qualify regardless of age.  We simply need to verify your health card.

Personal Insurance Plans

If you have a medical insurance plan, privately or through your employer, you can verify how much they contribute towards hearing aids or audiology services.

WSIB - Workplace Safety and Insurance Board

Available to individuals who currently work in a loud noise environment, or who are retired but have previously worked in loud noise environments in Ontario. No matter your age, an application to WSIB should be considered.  Our audiologists will determine if your hearing loss meets the WSIB criteria and, if so, will assist you in filling out a simple form to apply.  WSIB generally funds the full cost of hearing aids, related services and periodic replacement of the devices.  We can also work with workplace compensation boards of other provinces.

VAC - Veterans Affairs Canada

For individuals who underwent loud noise exposure through military service, a claim with VAC should be considered.  A full hearing evaluation by an audiologist is required and our audiologist will complete the VAC forms.  The Royal Canadian Legion is also very helpful with  the application process and answering your questions.

ODSP - Ontario Disability Support Program

Individuals already covered by ODSP can provide us with the name of their caseworker and ODSP office and we will coordinate coverage of devices and services, as required.

NIHB - Non-Insured Health Benefits Program

For First Nations and Inuit clients, this program provides coverage for devices and services.  We simply need an identification card to confirm that eligibility requirements are met.


Greenshield is a non-profit benefit carrier which covers hearing healthcare services.  If they are your insurer, we can fill out the necessary documents with you.

Payment Plan

We offer our clients low-interest payment plans over 3 months or 6 months.
Call the clinic for more details.

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All Rights Reserved ©2022 Annik Hearing Solutions