Hearing Evaluation

FREE. In order to remove barriers to hearing healthcare and to encourage the general population to be more aware of their hearing status, we offer hearing evaluations free of charge. You will receive high quality service and recommendations and have time to ask any question you have in mind. *Note: 40$ administrative fee for clients under 19 years of age.

Hearing Aids

You can expect to pay between 1500$ and 3500$ per hearing aid. The higher priced hearing aids will have the best sound quality, since their software that analyses and filters sound is the most advanced, providing optimal performance in challenging listening environments. Less expensive hearing aids have less filtering of sound, but still perform well in many basic daily listening environments.

At Annik Hearing Solutions, we are here to inform you of your options and their pros and cons. We understand that budgets and preferences vary and will always respect and support your decision.

Hearing Protection

Quality instant earplugs start as low as 35$ for the pair. To get higher attenuation, to suit tricky-shaped ears or to have musician-quality custom earplugs, prices are between 160$ and 300$ for a pair. This latter option includes molding your ears, sending the ear impression to the laboratory to produce the earmold with the specially selected noise filter. Feel free to ask your audiologist for more information.

Wax Removal

Cerumen (wax) removal can be performed by the audiologist for 40$ per ear if there are no medical contraindications.

All Rights Reserved ©2022 Annik Hearing Solutions

All Rights Reserved ©2022 Annik Hearing Solutions