Annik Lavigne: A Healthcare Professional Who Allies Empathy and Determination

November 6, 2023

Who wouldn’t like to receive the full attention and total dedication of a healthcare professional as soon as a concern arises? Imagine dealing with someone who possesses not only deep expertise but also an innate curiosity to know you personally. It’s a precious thing in today’s world.


With an exceptional 20-year career in Audiology, Annik Lavigne opened her own clinic, Annik Hearing Solutions, 10 years ago, first in Casselman and then in Rockland. While many recent graduates choose to establish themselves in urban areas, Annik has always felt a strong connection to her Prescott Russell region. She even spent a long time as the sole audiologist working with the population of Casselman and Rockland.


Annik has won the hearts of her patients through her attentive and innovative approach. “I want to take the time to truly listen to my patients when they confide their hearing challenges to me. I am aware that every individual is unique, has specific needs, and faces particular circumstances. It’s important for me to understand all these factors so that we can have a trusting relationship,” explains Annik.


Family values hold a central place in Annik’s life and are also reflected in her relationship with her team. With the growing demand in the region for hearing healthcare, she has joined forces with two local audiologists who share her values and philosophy: Joëlle Séguin and Angélica Romain. This cohesion allows patients to feel heard and guided at every stage of their care.


Annik Lavigne embodies an accomplished female entrepreneur with exceptional passion and determination. Yet, she has managed to preserve her authenticity and sensitivity to leave a positive impact on the lives of those she accompanies.


While a significant proportion of audiology clinics now belong to large multinational chains, the local community has the precious opportunity to access Annik’s independent clinic, which has been in operation for a beautiful 10 years. Something worth celebrating!

10 years Annik
Annik and her team in Rockland

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All Rights Reserved ©2022 Annik Hearing Solutions